Lynda Martens

Lynda Martens

Lynda is a professional playwright living in London Ontario, Canada. She has just completed “Run Father Run”, a dramatic comedy about a young ultra-liberal priest as he struggles with the church establishment and battles worldly temptation.

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  • “Swing” Dance

    Comedy, Romantic Comedy
    “Swing” Dance
    “Swing” Dance is a hilarious sexy romp that respectfully and intensely explores the connection between vitality, intimacy and sexuality in the "mature" years. It is about two very different baby boomer couples struggling… [Read More]
  • Run Father Run

    Dramatic Comedy
    Run Father Run
    Is it possible for love to grow in a forbidden place?  How does a devout priest manage his innate desire for human connection? Father Will Van Doorne loves two things above all else: his church and running. Lately he’s been… [Read More]