Asperger’s ...the musical

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Musical Comedy



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112 minutes


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Asperger's…the musical is a wonderfully funny, very moving romantic comedy with great music and someone to cheer for.
Asperger’s ...the musical
Aspiring songwriter Sadie’s social challenges and insecurities take on new meaning when she is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Suddenly her life view is changed and everything seems clearer as she embraces who she really is and embarks on a voyage of discovery to find out what she will be. Along the way there are comic family adjustments to be made, a romantic triangle to be resolved and a song writing contest to be won. Let's face it, some syndromes are funnier than others. Asperger’s... the musical is a moving romantic comedy with great music, someone to cheer for and a lot of laughs along the way. Musical Direction by Edward Bear co-founder Craig Hemming. Music by Craig Hemming / Larry Evoy / Alan Macpherson / Rob Murphy
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