Between Friends

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Comedy, Drama, Dramatic Comedy



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90 minutes


  • Total 5
  • Male 3
  • Female 2


Three pals reunite after a long separation. Newly married Dunc shows his new wife a whole new side of himself. She’s shocked. Trouble brews, sparks fly and laughs explode.
Between Friends
Bill and Wally visit their old buddy Dunc for the first time since he left town, met Sophie and got married. Bill and Wally expect everything to be pretty much as it used to be when the three of them hung out back in the day but love, marriage, growing maturity and the passage of time have brought changes that will take some getting used to... by everyone. Dunc shows his new wife and his old friends sides of himself each has never seen before. Everyone’s a little surprised as well as a bit shocked by the changed dynamic between them, so it’s no wonder that a little trouble brews, a few sparks fly and considerable laughter ensues. A funny, moving portrait of reunion and growth, that hits close to home.
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