Dads! The Musical

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Musical Comedy



Run Time

112 minutes


  • Total 4
  • Male 3
  • Female 1


Uproariously funny but poignant look at role reversal and the contemporary male. After losing their jobs, three first-time Dads opt to stay home to become Mr. Mom. Theory: how hard can it be? Reality: harder than they ever imagined.
Dads! The Musical
Suddenly without jobs, three first-time dads opt to stay at home and take care of their infant kids while their wives return to work. All three are confident that with some male organization, becoming Mr. Moms will prove an easy transition. Finding the job harder than they ever imagined possible, the three Dads must join forces to fight for survive. An uproariously funny but poignant look at role reversal. Will these self-proclaimed models of machismo survive and learn to love parenting and life again? There are three male roles plus one one virtuoso female actor who plays all of the wives, the bosses, the psychiatrist, plus the “European Specialist”, an expert on sex and marriage, and the “fantasy women”. The demanding offspring are played by ingeniously designed baby puppets who appear to drink, wet, cry lustily and spit pablum with great force. These endearingly ugly little creatures have stolen the hearts of thousands of theatre-goers.
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