Dads 2 ~ The Toddlers Revenge

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Musical Comedy



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112 minutes


  • Total 4
  • Male 3
  • Female 1


Toddlers, tempers and tantrums combined with new babies, three Dads find themselves at home as a result of unexpected job loss to care for the little darlings.
Dads 2 ~ The Toddlers Revenge
The comic possibilities of parenthood, When unexpected job loss struck, three dads from diverse backgrounds decided to stay home while their wives continued their work careers. Despite applying “male organization” to the job, it turned out to be rougher than they had ever imaged. Fast forward three years. The formerly r” Dads have somehow survived to become veteran parents... until ambushed by the simultaneous arrival of the “toddler stage” and some “surprise” new babies. Dads 2 Toddlers Revenge, picks up where the highly entertaining original Dads! left off with more embarrassing moments, tactical childcare mishaps, and laughs galore, but it is not a “repeat” of Dads! The Musical. It stands on its own right, examining new territory which is every bit as fresh, insightful, and entertaining as the original. For all the comic antics, there is a sense of rejuvenation here that can also strike deep chords about what it means to live fully and vibrantly. While the “dread chaos” does not end, the men do discover new resources within themselves; and by play’s end, do begin to live again with a sense of joy, curiosity and surprise. These philosophical underpinnings are tied together in the final number entitled, “Wild With Surprise”.
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