A Matter of Time

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Comedy, Drama, Dramatic Comedy



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120 minutes


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A witty and powerful story about the love, laughter, lunacy and redemption of family life that swings effortlessly between comedy and drama.
A Matter of Time
This funny yet tender play is about one family and the ties that bind them. The heart of the story lies in the special bond between Grandad and his ten year-old granddaughter Stacy. The story is set against the backdrop of the Kidney family who, like most of us, are always in a rush –– forever short of time. They all seem to be coping well with the daily chaos, but underneath, pressures are building and conflicts are brewing. Liz and Ron (mom and dad) have stopped communicating. She feels overwhelmed and under-appreciated at home; he feels exactly the same at work. She feels “distances” between them; he hasn’t noticed. Thirteen year old Olivia, has suddenly become the teenager who apparently isn’t listening to anyone any more, and the effervescent ten year old Stacy, as the play progresses, gradually becomes more and more withdrawn. Meanwhile, Grandad, who lost his life-long soul mate to cancer the year before, is going through his own personal crisis and facing a decision which could change the family forever. With its powerful blend of humor and emotion, A Matter Of Time swings effortlessly between comedy and drama. An engaging story about the love, laughter and lunacy of family dynamics, as the Kidney’s struggle towards a new perspective which will allow them to re-connect and once again find the way to live in “time”.
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