A Meeting Of The Minds

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Romantic Comedy



Run Time

94 minutes


  • Total 5
  • Male 3
  • Female 2


Jack and Jill meet on an internet date and are accompanied by their brains, who give direct insight into what each character is thinking. Hilarity follows when thoughts and words don’t exactly match.
A Meeting Of The Minds
A young couple courageously embark on a blind date arranged through the Internet. Experience has taught both to be pessimistic about such things, yet they remain ever hopeful. Throughout the play, Jack Beaver and Jill Fever are accompanied by their brains, who give the audience direct insight into what each character is thinking. The disconnect between thoughts and words is comically evident. Separately, the couple ask themselves what they were thinking accepting this Internet date in the first place. Fortunately, because their brains are right there with them, the audience gets to know. Despite the barriers to open, honest communication, the couple’s brains begin thinking beyond the ackwardness of this first date. It occurs to them that if the date manages to rise above their own lack of candor, marriage could conceivably be one possible outcome –– in which case they could be faced with becoming Mr. & Mrs Jack and Jill Beaver-Fever. Just one more obstacle to overcome. Successive revelations and insights result in increasingly hilarious exchanges between all four entities, until finally exhausted, the couple very tentatively begin expressing their true feelings. A Meeting of the Minds is a story about honesty and being true to your inner self. This is a four actor play with an optional 5th character (a waiter).
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