The Dominatrix Next Door

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Adult, Comedy



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95 minutes


  • Total 3
  • Male 1
  • Female 2


They’re happy but just a touch bored –– ready to try anything to add some spice! Their new neighbor just might be the answer. Let the naughty games begin.
The Dominatrix Next Door
June and Norman would like to add some spice to their happy but staid marriage. The arrival of a new neighbor with what they soon discover is an unusual occupation provides an opportunity for them to enlist her assistance as they very tentatively attempt to broaden their sexual horizons. A hilarious series of mistakes, misunderstandings and misadventures is set in motion as June and Norman do their best to follow their supportive neighbor’s directions to a more spunky love life. Their journey is hindered by their limited experience, fundamentally shy natures and their unwillingness to use accurate names for body parts. The Dominatrix Next Door is a funny, heart warming look at relationships. While June and Norman fail miserably and hilariously at the Dominatrix lifestyle, they succeed at making their marriage stronger, more loving, and a lot more fun.
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