Great Scot !

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An evening of humor and song, insight and introspection of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Discover the extraordinary personality and life of one of the most prolific poets of the western world.
Great Scot !
Burns' eloquence and honesty carry us lightly and gently on a voyage through his mind - through his unabashed view of the world. His provocative tongue touches on everything from alcohol to politics, sex to religion, pornography to poetry. Through all, we are surprised, delighted, soothed, and touched. We leave feeling closer to Burns, closer to ourselves, and closer to life. We soon realize that Burns is also playing out for us, from a strange, isolated piece of purgatory, his last desperate attempt to make peace with himself. Here is an artist who must sort through his beliefs and philosophies, to discover the cause of a single, horrendous act of callousness on his part. An act of carelessness and selfishness which resulted in the destruction of a young lover's emotional and physical well-being.
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