Boom !

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112 minutes


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A chiropractor, a burnt out furnace pilot light, one match and a BOOM Howard Pitkin will never forget... mainly because his future self won’t let him. A very funny cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for.
Boom !
Howard Pitkin is a full-time chiropractor and part-time karaoke fanatic. Your average happy-go-lucky guy. With vertebrae and microphones he’s a wizard. As a home handyman not so much. When Howard attempts a small furnace repair, things go horribly wrong and the resultant explosion rocks his world in more ways than you’d expect. In fact, on that day, time itself came loose and present-day Howard suddenly finds himself face-to-face with his future self. Howard is a man with lots of dreams he never has time to fulfill and while meeting himself definitely creates problems, it also presents hilarious opportunities to finally become the man he wants to be. A very funny cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for. Although not a musical in the traditional sense, Boom ! does contain 11 songs and is most aptly described as a play with songs. Backing tracks and lead sheets are supplied.
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