“Swing” Dance

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Comedy, Romantic Comedy



Run Time

112 minutes


  • Total 4
  • Male 2
  • Female 2


A small misunderstanding leads to big complications for two very different Boomer couples struggling with aging. Just how far will they go to feel young, connected, attractive and loved?
“Swing” Dance
“Swing” Dance is a hilarious sexy romp that respectfully and intensely explores the connection between vitality, intimacy and sexuality in the "mature" years. It is about two very different baby boomer couples struggling with aging. Their lives cross and affect each other profoundly. It also involves a small misunderstanding. Newly retired Walter desperately employs bold measures to reconnect emotionally and sexually with his wife Vicky after she launches a new cupcake career with her sophisticated partner Dante.  Just before Dante and his wife Sally arrive for dinner, Vicky discovers Walter has taken a “little blue pill”, and neither is prepared for the bombshell that Dante and his wife Sally drop during appetizers! 
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