Honeymoon For Three

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Romantic Comedy



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93 minutes


  • Total 5
  • Male 3
  • Female 2


Maddie Loves Donald, Milner Loves Maddie, Ray puts up with Beth and Beth just likes to nag everyone. Get ready for this hilarious romantic comedy and find out if love really does ‘conquer all’.
Honeymoon For Three
On the night before their wedding, Maddie and Donald have planned a quiet evening for themselves. Wine, candlelight and music. There’s a snowstorm outside but inside, everything seems perfect.  Then just as this idyllic evening begins they are interrupted... first by her divorced parents and then by her ex-husband. As the night progresses, the situation moves from the sublime to the ridiculous as love rears its confusing head in some unexpected ways. A simple love triangle with complex dynamics, parental meddling, many possible outcomes, a few surprises and a ton of of laughs. 
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