Caramel House

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Comedy, Drama, Dramatic Comedy



Run Time

112 minutes


  • Total 6
  • Male 2
  • Female 4


Jeff returns home from college to his small rural town for an Easter visit with his family. His small-minded and somewhat bitter mother, Audrey is in for a big surprise when Jeff brings home a ‘special’ friend to meet the whole family.
Caramel House
“The Caramel House” takes place on an Easter Weekend in a small town where life changes little and everyone knows their place. Audrey runs a print shop with her parents and looks forward to her son Jeff’s Easter visit from college. When he returns she expects everything to be as it has always been in their family and their town... but Jeff surprises them all by bringing back a girl, Sandy to whom he is has become engaged. As if that’s not enough to change the Easter dinner dynamic, she’s also Asian and has a child. A dramatic comedy that examines traditional family perspectives, changes, challenges and love. All treated with heart warming humor.
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