7-10 Split

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112 minutes


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Life has a way of ‘bowling’ you over but Earl will not be defeated despite his many failed attempts to become rich. He is determined that his latest scheme, to con a Crown Prince, will keep him out of the gutter.
7-10 Split
Ever since Earl’s aspirations to become a pro bowler evaporated, his wife Brenda has put up with one get-rich-quick scheme after another. Not one to give up easily, Earl attempts to use the internet to find his way to “Easy Street”. A Crown Prince from an exotic foreign country is offering Earl millions just to help him get his fortune out of the country. Lacking seed money to put his exit plan into effect of course, the Crown Prince requires an “investment” from Earl to demonstrate good faith. Earl wasn’t born yesterday however (well maybe the day before yesterday), and devises what he thinks is a foolproof plan to turn the tables on the Prince.
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