A Dickens Of A Christmas

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Family, Musical



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90 minutes


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Young Charles Dickens, desperately trying to keep a roof over his head following a disastrous series of family misfortunes, has an extraordinary dream, in which he is visited, and entertained by 14 characters from 7 of his yet-to-be-written novels.
A Dickens Of A Christmas
A family musical based on a true incident in the early life of Charles Dickens. 1824 has been a terrible year for young Master Dickens. His family has been committed to debtors prison over £40 owed to the baker. The family home is broken up and furnishings confiscated. Charles is saved from prison by going to work in a rat-riddled factory, where he labels jars of shoe polish. Facing eviction himself on Christmas Eve, he has an extraordinary dream in which he is visited by characters from seven of his yet-to-be-written novels, including: Mr. Pickwick from The Pickwick Papers; the Cratchit family from A Christmas Carol; Fagin, Nancy and The Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist. As Christmas morning dawns, Charles receives an unexpected inheritance that allows him to save his family.
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