A Pretense Of Need

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Drama, Mystery-Thriller



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50 minutes


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Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. And deceive they did. An affair, manslaughter, a trial and finally imprisonment. The web of deceit grows more complex.
A Pretense Of Need
The strained and bizarre relationship between David and his sister-in-law Louise. By all appearances, David has been placed in an institution for the manslaughter of his wife, Peg. The crime was supposedly committed after Peg found Louise, in bed with her husband. The play begins with a visit by Louise to David some eight years after his confinement. David’s state of mind, as well as his relationship with Louise have by this time suffered hideously. At David’s insistence, Louise has stayed with David’s brother so that no one will ever know about the illicit relationship, which could place her at the scene of the crime, cause her own possible confinement, and destroy what’s left of their relationship. David still maintains his innocence but nothing is ever quite as it seems in this riveting mystery drama.
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