Everything I Love About Christmas

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Family, Musical



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118 minutes


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Families, a Christmas gathering, grandpa telling tales, a stranded daughter trying to get home from college in a snowstorm, a neighbor down on their luck and little fellows with pointy ears trying to make it all better.
Everything I Love About Christmas
The Barnes family is gathered for Christmas. Ted and Maggie, the mom and dad; Grace who is nine; and Grandad who is cantankerous but lovable. Norman Rockwell but in Canada. Older daughter Susan is trying to get home from college but is caught in a terrible snow storm and is all alone, stranded at a deserted bus station. Down the road from the Barnes, there is very little joy for the Brannigan family. Father Brad has lost his job. Their savings are gone. There are no presents, no dinner, very little hope. A couple of genuine miracles are needed to make this all work out. Fortunately, four elves are on the case. Will Susan get home? Will the Brannigans find new hope? Will Santa appear in the very nick of time?
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