Carry On Vamping

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Musical Comedy



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112 minutes


  • Total 6
  • Male 3
  • Female 3


Everyone likes a good scare once in a while and if you can stop laughing long enough you'll find a few really good ones in "Carry on Vamping". Brings a whole new meaning to “love you to death”.
Carry On Vamping
Tim and Bernadette decide to go on an adventurous holiday to an old castle in Romania run by an eccentric innkeeper named Dracula. He is assisted by his humble and loyal humpbacked servant Igor and his ‘dark and sour’ partner Olga. As Dracula falls into his old habits, planning to seduce, kill, bleed and take Bernadette as his “bride”, the unthinkable happens. He falls in love with her. Deliciously frighteningly and very funny, full of plot twists and unexpected romance that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "love you to death". Expected June 2016.
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