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Family, Musical



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111 minutes


  • Total 22
  • Male 15
  • Female 7


Based on the traditional Alice In Wonderland, this Alice is a fast paced family musical with pantomime features that will entertain everyone with laughter, adventure and song.
Hold on tight! When you dash through a rabbit hole into a strange new world, you have to expect the unexpected - from the wicked Queen of Hearts to the dizzy Mad Hatter. You see, someone has stolen the Queen's tarts and everybody is a suspect! It's a matter of survival for Alice and her lovable cat, Dinah. And all those familiar characters - plus some delightful new ones - aren't helping very much. Get set for more ups and downs than on a roller coaster ride, more twists and turns than in a pretzel, more strange surprises than you could wish for in a lifetime! This fun-filled musical, full of pantomime features, will entertain the whole family with laughter, adventure and song. Excitement you could only find with a little girl named Alice! And only in a place called Wonderland!
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