A Hard Place

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Adult, Drama



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112 minutes


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A heartfelt story of a writer who is recovering from a stroke and needs desperately to tell his estranged son he loves him... but just can’t find the words.
A Hard Place
Bill and his son, Michael, and Michael’s wife, Leah, have shared the same house for many years. Bill, a once successful writer, is recovering, albeit very reluctantly, from a stroke he suffered several years ago. He and Micheal have never had any kind of meaningful relationship. Today, it becomes imperative that they try once more. Michael and Leah are separating and can no longer care for Bill, so he is being sent to a nursing home. Unable to utter more than a word or two now and then, it is almost impossible for Bill to communicate. We, the audience, hear his every thought, however. Bill finally begins to write a poem to say the things he hasn’t been able verbalize to his son. Just as he is about to be taken to the nursing home, he completes the poem and asks Michael to read it aloud. Heartfelt and moving with a feel good ending.
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