little red

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Family, Musical



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120 minutes


  • Total 11
  • Male 5
  • Female 6


Based on the classic Little Red Riding Hood, this new version with original songs and additional characters is a fun-filled musical, with pantomime features –– sure to thrill the whole family with surprises, laughter and adventure.
little red
Here is the enchanting story of the little girl in red. But this time, our perspective is a little different. It seems Grandma's sick again. So, what else is new? Just about everything, in this wonderful tale of a girl with a limited wardrobe, a wolf with an attitude, a hypochondriac octogenarian grandmother, a Scottish wood chopper, and of course, three little pigs. Three little pigs? Definitely not Grimm! Join the world's most famous granddaughter as she sets out with enough Timbits to cheer up any granny. And that's when all the excitement begins.
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