Summer Of Love

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The 60’s. Amid the chaos of anti-war rallies, draft dodging and civil unrest emerges the summer of love –– chock full of good vibrations, peace, love and understanding. And defined by some of the most memorable music ever.
Summer Of Love
Summer of Love reflects the events and emotions of the 60’s through its music –– a time of Peace, War, Conflict, Unrest, Love, Innocence and Freedom. As the 60’s dawn, Summer of Love showcases groups like The Beach Boys, Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Monkees. The civil rights era recalls the music of Peter, Paul and Mary and Joni MItchell to depict the quest for equal rights, and the struggle of teens to be recognized in a conservative time. Songs from Buffalo Springfield and Bob Dylan reflect the Vietnam experience and accompanying civil unrest. As we approach 1967, the Doors and other memorable performances from the Monterrey Pop Festival are re-created. Summer of Love wraps with the influences of Simon and Garfunkel and the Mamas and Papas who were the cornerstone of the hippy movement. Throughout the show brief stories give the music historical context.
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