The Numbers Game

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Romantic Comedy



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95 minutes


  • Total 2
  • Male 1
  • Female 1


She was the most popular girl in high school; he was on the math team. Thirty-seven years later, Phil is an actuary looking for a place to stay. Bernadette needs a roommate. Two very different people. Similar situations. Completely different paths. Wildly funny.
The Numbers Game
She was the Prom Queen, a cheerleader and gorgeous –– easily the most popular girl in high school. He attended the same school, was on the math team but was the next best thing to invisible. Now, 37 years and several relationships later, she’s looking for a roommate (preferably a female) and Phil, an actuary with marital problems of his own, needs a place to stay. Happenstance brings them together. Two very different people in similar situations who got there on completely different paths. If life is a journey rather than a destination, where do they go from here? Sometimes, not getting exactly what you want isn't necessarily a bad thing. This play is written for two actors. Bernadette - a single woman with an apartment to rent. Phil - newly separated and looking for a place to live. The parts of Phil’s wife Gina, (from whom he is separated) and Bernadette’s former live-in partner Mitch, are doubled.
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