Buying The Moose

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Comedy, Romantic Comedy



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96 minutes


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The crazy things men do. Betty thought her relationship was perfect until she arrived home early from a business trip to discover husband Rob with an inflatable sex toy.
Buying The Moose
Women ask “why do men do the crazy things they do”? Sometimes the answer is simpler than it first seems. Betty thought her relationship with boyfriend Rob was just about perfect until she arrived home early from a business trip to discover him in his underwear with an inflatable sex toy. Shocked and appalled, Betty stomps from their home to seek solace from girlfriend Cheryl, who by coincidence, also happens to be Rob’s brother’s wife. Betty and Cheryl do what women do in such circumstances –– hug, cry, console, consume empty calories and search for answers to the age old question “why do men do such bewildering things”. Back across town, Ron is also being comforted (by brother Greg) in the way men do such things –– genuine support and concern disguised by a few beers and cruel mockery –– as they try to figure out how a seemingly perfect relationship came to this unhappy state of affairs. As the story continues, hidden secrets surface, embarrassing insecurities are exposed and genre stereotypes are bent, stretched and dented, before the hilarious truth finally comes out.
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