The Third Life of Eddie Mann

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Eddie Mann stands on a ledge contemplating ending it all. An unexpected visitor’s witty observations help Eddie see things in a new light.
The Third Life of Eddie Mann
Eddie Mann has experienced a lot of bad luck recently and this morning has decided he just can’t take it anymore.  Eddie's first life was as a teacher, which he loved. After 31 years, he retired and became a financial adviser, which he hates. That was his second life. Climbing out onto the window ledge of his sixth floor room, he stands precariously, struggling with whether to jump or not. As he contemplates this fateful decision, he is interrupted by a quirky visitor who notices Eddie on the ledge and strikes up a casual conversation. Through humorous and open dialogue, a relationship builds between the two men as Eddie contemplates what to do next. Ultimately, he sees the brighter side of his situation and chooses not to jump, deciding that there is genuine truth in the advice he has been given by his mysterious visitor. And so starts his third life. 
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