Rogue Taxidermy

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Comedy, Mystery-Thriller



Run Time

95 minutes


  • Total 5
  • Male 3
  • Female 2


The unsettling tale of a quiet unassuming taxidermist reluctantly drawn into a web of sex, murder and generally poor behavior before he learns to embrace his inner calling and begins enjoying the new direction his life has taken. Twisted? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely.
Rogue Taxidermy
Kelvin is a pleasant quiet man. Not overly confident. A bit boring and nerdy even. Everyone thinks so. One thing for certain, Kelvin is very dedicated to his career as a taxidermist, envisioning a bright future for himself in the only job he’s ever imagined having. His girlfriend Beth is decidedly less keen. When a sexy new cleaning lady is hired by the university where Kelvin works, he is immediately attracted to her abundant charms and flirtatious fascination with him and his job. Events unfold in startling ways as the sudden heart attack death of a colleague in Kelvin’s lab, causes his career and his life to take an unexpectedly dark turn. Strangely, as events spiral into ever more bizarre places, Kelvin himself slowly becomes more confident and in control. He accepts his inner calling and begins to enjoy the new direction his life has taken. Sex. Murder. Some Taxidermy. It’s all good.
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