Off The Grid

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105 minutes


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There are so many good reasons to go “off the grid” –– peace, serenity, communing with nature, being on the lam. For Martha and Len, what starts as a simple work experiment becomes complicated by a mysterious neighbor and hyper-active imaginations.
Off The Grid
Martha is an architect anxious to learn all about self-sufficient houses. Leonard is a loans officer who is more accustomed to creature comforts, like TV, the internet and a flush toilet. He has reluctantly agreed to spend a week off the grid while they celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. As soon as they arrive they get a visit from their next door neighbor.

Lowell is 67 years old, lives alone and loves to talk. He tells them all about himself and all about living off the grid. But as it turns out, he doesn't tell them everything about himself. Martha and Len have another reason for being out in the middle of nowhere, too. In time, these two untold stories collide.
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