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  • “Swing” Dance
    “Swing” DanceComedy, Romantic Comedy | Lynda Martens
    Cast: 4 Total | 2 Male | 2 Female • 2 Acts | 112 minutes
    “Swing” Dance is a hilarious sexy romp that respectfully and intensely explores the connection between vitality, intimacy and sexuality in the "mature" years. It is about two very different baby boomer couples struggling with aging. Their lives cross and affect each other profoundly. It also involves a small misunderstanding. Newly retired Walter desperately employs bold measures to reconnect emotionally and sexually with his wife Vicky after she launches a new cupcake career with her sophisticated partner Dante.  Just before Dante and his wife Sally arrive for dinner, Vicky discovers…
  • 1-900-dee-lite
    1-900-dee-liteRomantic Comedy | Uwe Meyer
    Cast: 4 Total | 2 Male | 2 Female • 2 Acts | 100 minutes
    Dee’s job is anything but run of the mill. She’s a phone ‘sex therapist’ and she enjoys her work –– flexible hours, the money’s very good, and she gets to work from home. Her profession doesn’t phase her son Scott or his close friend Jennifer. But Dee’s not ready to share her line of work with her new boyfriend Tom, an ex English Teacher at the local high school. When the phone starts ringing during one of Dee’s dates with Tom, she has to do some pretty interesting improvisation to keep her secret safe. Things quickly get complicated... and hilarious.
  • 7-10 Split
    Cast: 4 Total | 3 Male | 1 Female • 2 Acts | 112 minutes
    Ever since Earl’s aspirations to become a pro bowler evaporated, his wife Brenda has put up with one get-rich-quick scheme after another. Not one to give up easily, Earl attempts to use the internet to find his way to “Easy Street”. A Crown Prince from an exotic foreign country is offering Earl millions just to help him get his fortune out of the country. Lacking seed money to put his exit plan into effect of course, the Crown Prince requires an “investment” from Earl to demonstrate good faith. Earl wasn’t born yesterday however (well maybe the day before yesterday), and devises what he…
  • A Dickens Of A Christmas
    Cast: 15 Total | 7 Male | 8 Female • 2 Acts | 90 minutes
    A family musical based on a true incident in the early life of Charles Dickens. 1824 has been a terrible year for young Master Dickens. His family has been committed to debtors prison over £40 owed to the baker. The family home is broken up and furnishings confiscated. Charles is saved from prison by going to work in a rat-riddled factory, where he labels jars of shoe polish. Facing eviction himself on Christmas Eve, he has an extraordinary dream in which he is visited by characters from seven of his yet-to-be-written novels, including: Mr. Pickwick from The Pickwick Papers; the Cratchit…
  • A Hard Place
    A Hard PlaceAdult, Drama | Don Macrae
    Cast: 4 Total | 2 Male | 2 Female • 2 Acts | 112 minutes
    Bill and his son, Michael, and Michael’s wife, Leah, have shared the same house for many years. Bill, a once successful writer, is recovering, albeit very reluctantly, from a stroke he suffered several years ago. He and Micheal have never had any kind of meaningful relationship. Today, it becomes imperative that they try once more. Michael and Leah are separating and can no longer care for Bill, so he is being sent to a nursing home. Unable to utter more than a word or two now and then, it is almost impossible for Bill to communicate. We, the audience, hear his every thought, however. Bill…
  • A Matter of Time
    A Matter of TimeComedy, Drama, Dramatic Comedy | Robert More
    Cast: 5 Total | 2 Male | 3 Female • 2 Acts | 120 minutes
    This funny yet tender play is about one family and the ties that bind them. The heart of the story lies in the special bond between Grandad and his ten year-old granddaughter Stacy. The story is set against the backdrop of the Kidney family who, like most of us, are always in a rush –– forever short of time. They all seem to be coping well with the daily chaos, but underneath, pressures are building and conflicts are brewing. Liz and Ron (mom and dad) have stopped communicating. She feels overwhelmed and under-appreciated at home; he feels exactly the same at work. She feels “distances”…
  • A Meeting Of The Minds
    Cast: 5 Total | 3 Male | 2 Female • 2 Acts | 94 minutes
    A young couple courageously embark on a blind date arranged through the Internet. Experience has taught both to be pessimistic about such things, yet they remain ever hopeful. Throughout the play, Jack Beaver and Jill Fever are accompanied by their brains, who give the audience direct insight into what each character is thinking. The disconnect between thoughts and words is comically evident. Separately, the couple ask themselves what they were thinking accepting this Internet date in the first place. Fortunately, because their brains are right there with them, the audience gets to know.…
  • A Pretense Of Need
    A Pretense Of NeedDrama, Mystery-Thriller | Don Macrae
    Cast: 2 Total | 1 Male | 1 Female • 1 Acts | 50 minutes
    The strained and bizarre relationship between David and his sister-in-law Louise. By all appearances, David has been placed in an institution for the manslaughter of his wife, Peg. The crime was supposedly committed after Peg found Louise, in bed with her husband. The play begins with a visit by Louise to David some eight years after his confinement. David’s state of mind, as well as his relationship with Louise have by this time suffered hideously. At David’s insistence, Louise has stayed with David’s brother so that no one will ever know about the illicit relationship, which could place…
  • Alice
    AliceFamily, Musical | Don Macrae
    Cast: 22 Total | 15 Male | 7 Female • 2 Acts | 111 minutes
    Hold on tight! When you dash through a rabbit hole into a strange new world, you have to expect the unexpected - from the wicked Queen of Hearts to the dizzy Mad Hatter. You see, someone has stolen the Queen's tarts and everybody is a suspect! It's a matter of survival for Alice and her lovable cat, Dinah. And all those familiar characters - plus some delightful new ones - aren't helping very much. Get set for more ups and downs than on a roller coaster ride, more twists and turns than in a pretzel, more strange surprises than you could wish for in a lifetime! This fun-filled musical, full…
  • Asperger’s ...the musical
    Cast: 5 Total | 2 Male | 3 Female • 2 Acts | 112 minutes
    Aspiring songwriter Sadie’s social challenges and insecurities take on new meaning when she is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Suddenly her life view is changed and everything seems clearer as she embraces who she really is and embarks on a voyage of discovery to find out what she will be. Along the way there are comic family adjustments to be made, a romantic triangle to be resolved and a song writing contest to be won. Let's face it, some syndromes are funnier than others. Asperger’s... the musical is a moving romantic comedy with great music, someone to cheer for and a lot of laughs…
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Showing 10 of 46 items